strugglin' - dragons

Ha, when am I not? Got a new lyric I am wrestling with... think I'm trying too hard, actually, instead of just letting it be. I keep thinking about making sure it's good, which is usually the death of any good writing, hee hee. Fooled around the music for a possible instrumental reflecting my love for a certain island.

Then I put it all away and did other things, like wash dishes & floors. They say the best way to get inspired is to go for a walk. Or do mundane chores... something I usually avoid as much as possible. I feel a little unfocussed at the moment, but then it's 1 a.m. Still I feel like I go off in too many directions sometimes, and perhaps should sit more with the music that needs some completion. It's more exciting to have a new idea and talk about it, than to push through the doubts & despair to craft something you began a while ago.

Perhaps it's the silence & the time to myself, but I've sure heard my internal editor the past few days, shouting at me. In the midst of taking action, it will tell me I'm too slow, or not doing enough, or doing the wrong thing... no matter what, I'm wrong wrong wrong... Julia Cameron talks about this in the Artist's Way (great book). For me, in my experience of the creative process, just when things are shifting/changing is usually when the niggling editor becomes a fire breathing dragon. I know that if I just stay the course I will find myself in a new place. Easy words to say, hard to live some days. I have a big sign on my fridge that says "I promise myself I will never give up".

I see that Arthur Vance has put a link to my blog in his blog. His blog is enjoyable - and informative - reading... here's his link:

now, bed. No argument there.

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