one more.... whew

Hate to tell you this... but I figured, what the heck... started fiddling around with the harmony on that country tune... just improvising... ended up with something that sounds pretty cool - and I'm uploading it to Broadjam right now.

I know I seem prolific, but you have to realize that I've been sitting on some of this stuff for a couple months, with no way to put it into an acceptable form. I found it extremely frustrating to be working on a song and have no way to record it. Now I can lay down a rough and listen to it, add harmonies, etc... figure out the whole arrangement, all by myself. I'm lucky enough to be able to find several hours a day I can spend working, too.

I'm hoping all this work will pay off... and I will get a publishing contract here or rights-to-record-a-song purchase there. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hmmmm... past midnight... best start trying to pry myself away from this computer & head off to bed!!

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