what do you get when you don't get stuff done

It's been an amazingly interesting month, working with a voice student on an intensive program for freeing the voice, and meeting 5 days out of 7 for an hour. As part of the student's process, they are recording video of the sessions and journalling immediately after, then watching the video the next next day and journaling more. I'm taking notes as I participate as mentor, and sharing my process and my knowledge with him as we go forward. Many discussions on what it means to free oneself from past programming and what it means to be alive and in the moment.

Many many voice teachers speak of pedagogy, as do I, but for me the studying of singing is more than the technical things we need to do in order for the voice to work properly. Because those of us who are shy or introverted or intimidated or doubtful can study technique til we are blue in the face, but unless the way we relate to ourselves and the world is included it's hard to get free. I teach this because it was the process of learning to sing that allowed me to wake up to the way I protected myself and how that held my voice back... and me back... from being fully actualized.

In today's session I wrote, 'what am I not accomplishing, and what do I get from not accomplishing it?' (I called this a 'Dr Phil moment' :D)  There has to be a payoff for those things we wish to do and have opportunity to do but do not do. Not that we should be rigid and expect every hour to be busy with stuff. But there are hours wasted surfing the net or playing games that would potentially be better spent. That's what I contemplate tonight....