musical Sunday + rough count

howdy, spent today....

doing some market research;

working on: - the production of my uptempo country dance song - 'Suzy's Gettin Down' -

working on: - the production of the MJK/VLF collab that is just about complete now... have a listen - '(Real True) Blue Collar Man' -

It's been just over 6 months, I figure I've written at least 15 complete songs myself since Feb14-05 (maybe more), and I have about 6-8 lyrics lying around, plus ideas. And I also have my vocal tapestries & instrumentals. I've been writing with MJK, too, haven't counted those either.

I'm going to bed now. Haveta work tomorrow!

been busy!

... spent most of today writing the music for a lyric I wrote awhile back, recording some instrumental & vocal tracks & producing a worktape/rough cut;
... also tried to organize some paperwork;
... watched a couple movies;
... did a little scheduling of lessons;
... did a few minutes work for one of my clients;
... started writing a marketing plan for my music. I've been gathering some information and making notes of resources... much, much to do in that area.

Time for some zzzzzz's :D

another Friday nite

let's see, what I have been up to the last couple of days...
- writing some music for a new country rock (or maybe just rock) tune of mine;
- writing the music for a terrific new lyric by my co-writer MJK;
- mixing the tracks coming in on a collaboration;
- making plans for the songwriting demo I need to have ready for my November trip to LA;
- signing up for Muse's Muse, heard a lot of good things about that site as a resource for songwriters;
- had three songs added to the CMT Canada Message Board 24HR Internet Dance Party -- a station that came out of the 'upcoming artists' forum on CMT Canada. Check it out at
- sent a rough cut off to John Braheny for critique,
- teaching.

workin away

yeah, got a couple of new electronica / instrumental pieces going; helping someone out with a lyric rewrite (I said I might help with the music if I was satisfied with the lyric); mixin' a song that's being produced over the internet; just generally dabbling in music everyday in some way. Been playing around with some musical ideas for a couple of lyrics I've written, but a little held back by the fact my hands are aching... carpal tunnel still haunts me & I have to rest. Got a few new students coming in for the fall as well. Keeping me busy!

Burned my Dad a 'world premiere' CD of my electronica & vocal tapestries for his 80th birthday present... don't know what he'll think when he hears my wierd stuff... :D :D

hey, achieved some music today

Today I wrote and produced an electronica intrumental, my second one (the first, Midnight Called, I posted yesterday on my music pages. I started that one on Sunday)... this one I called Coffee Grind... it probably needs some tweaking in the mix, but I've posted it. Took me most of the day to get it done. I also spent some time working on a remix of 'Still I Dream of You' but I didn't feel it was any better than what I already have... in fact maybe I'm trying too hard so I just stopped. Then I was just gonna head off to bed and I came up with a new lyric... I just started jotting down the first verse idea, and before you knew it, I had the whole thing.

Lest you be dismayed, though, I did actually get out for a walk around dinner time. Always got to get those steps (I have a pedometer) happenin'

Hey got lots of listens yesterday, Still I Dream popped up from 52 to 18 on Soundclick's major pop charts. Thanks to all who listen!!

what have I been up to....


- posting on the usual songwriting boards :D
- working on a VLF/MJK collaboration with The Collaborators
- working on a spooky electronica instrumental piece
- exercising
- making arrangments for my trip to LA
- teaching
- working on a collab with KH, my vocals for his song
- playing the electric guitar - not well :(
- talking about organizing my bedroom closet
- working on a a VLF/MJK rewrite or two
- helping my old vocal coach with a website
- generally trying to keep up with the housework
- organizing my passport application... where did I put that birth certificate???!!!
- procrastinating
- mulling over ideas for a couple of songs a la Gretchen Wilson
- trying to figure out where I put my guitar music... I had a whole pile I played at gigs, can't find it!
- staying up too late working on music
2 am --- :D :D
9 am -- :( :(
- where's the coffee?

gotta go finish this instrumental piece...

couple of songs on the go

Hey, spent last night getting a MJK-VLF co-write ready for possible collab with other musicians, tidying up the lyrics and doing a scratch vocal;
today I worked on developing a piece of electronica - not too happy with the result after several hours work;
did a little work about the house, chatted with my sis, got my files ready for tomorrow. Still feel like I'm behind on everything. I think I must like that feeling because I sooooo like to procrastinate!!

mixin music

Let's see, what did I get up to today... uploaded a web page for my friend and vocal coach in Vancouver, taught several lessons, chatted to my mom & my neighbour, surfed my usual songwriting boards, and spent the evening developing some MIDI files for one of our MJK/VLF co-writes... pop/rock, it will be. The lyrics need work but the music is pretty good. Also had a few listens to a very neat rock song from a UK band who is looking for lyrics for their tune. If inspiration strikes I'll give it a go.

Chow for now :-)

oh dear, it's been waaaayyyy too long

hey.... well... here I am.... Not that I expect very many folks are actually reading this, but I did intend to keep it up. I was out of town from June 30th until the August civic holiday, so I think I had some excuse! Plus I had so much to do before I left I was totally overwhelmed.

Since I got back I have:
- discussed with MJK, my songwriting partner, what songs to prepare for our songwriter's demo CD;

- did a back-up vocal on a Collaborator's project -- check them out at;

- worked on a new demo of my song, 'Wilted Heart', which was number one in the country-pop genre for many weeks last spring... I've got a friend laying down a live guitar track, and I've revised the lyric a little and improved the melody... we had a practice session Saturday, and will try to do a couple of takes later this week;

- did a mix of "Still I Dream of You". Once of my new internet collaborator friends did a live drum track for this demo in June, and I have another friend who is doing a bass track and a guitar track. I downloaded his tracks & did a mix with the live drums and bass -- it's posted on Soundclick right now. We're working on the guitar part, that will probably be added in a week or two... you can check out the current version at ;

- put together an application package for 'The Opportunity of a Lifetime', which I was fortunate enough to hear about and be able to enter since I had the demo of "Still I Dream of You" together already, plus I'd had my professional photo taken in June, and also have one-sheets ready to go in my marketing file. What it is a search for a British Columbia (Canada) singer... you send in one song (doesn't have to be original), etc., and if they like you, you audition in person in Vancouver later this month... and if you make it, you'd be one of 3 people who'd go to California to audition for David Foster in person. The winner of the contest gets to perform live with Josh Groban & other singers at a big concert in Vancouver on the Labour Day weekend. Don't think I have much of a chance, but, you know me, I like to put it out there and see what happens;

- went to a potluck meeting of my songwriter's circle last night, very enjoyable evening, shared a couple of my newer lyrics with them as I haven't done much writing this summer;

- worked on an internet collab today... did an arrangement, lead & harmony vocals for a couple of writers I met on Irene's songwriting board;

- also had a listen to Volker Zdunnek's music to see if there's another song of his I feel inspired to collaborate on sometime in the next few weeks;

- started to think about and do some research into travel options re going to LA / Hollywood in November for the Taxi Road Rally; I need to get my passport renewed too, just in case I have to go to California to meet David Foster... hee hee;

- have several new prospective students making enquiries about taking lessons this Fall.

Among all this I met with my coaching client, taught my students, had lunch & dinner with my mom, touched base with my friends by email and phone.... and I'm afraid to say I haven't unpacked too much yet!!!

That's it for now!!! Look, it's not even 10 pm! ~ V