hey, achieved some music today

Today I wrote and produced an electronica intrumental, my second one (the first, Midnight Called, I posted yesterday on my music pages. I started that one on Sunday)... this one I called Coffee Grind... it probably needs some tweaking in the mix, but I've posted it. Took me most of the day to get it done. I also spent some time working on a remix of 'Still I Dream of You' but I didn't feel it was any better than what I already have... in fact maybe I'm trying too hard so I just stopped. Then I was just gonna head off to bed and I came up with a new lyric... I just started jotting down the first verse idea, and before you knew it, I had the whole thing.

Lest you be dismayed, though, I did actually get out for a walk around dinner time. Always got to get those steps (I have a pedometer) happenin'

Hey got lots of listens yesterday, Still I Dream popped up from 52 to 18 on Soundclick's major pop charts. Thanks to all who listen!!

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