Being comfortable with being shy

There's umpteen books and articles on how shy people can be less shy. I cannot comment on them individually. However, it occured to me yesterday that perhaps we could discuss a different perspective.

What actually is wrong with being shy? Not a lot, really... as long as you aren't retreating from life, avoiding the things you desire to do, because of that feeling of awkwardness and discomfort. And, as long as you are sharing your true thoughts and feelings with those you care about, and care for you.

Shy people are wired as introverts. Introverts can do extraverted things, but, they need to 'rest' afterwards. Extraverts get energy from doing extraverted things, introverts use up energy doing extraverted things and need to recharge. Introverts tend to need more silence, more alone time. It doesn't mean they are anti-social, as long as they don't 'retreat' in company.

Shy people have an aversion to being put on the spot. They prefer a gentle appoach, time to reflect, and be energized for action... which is fine as long as they don't procrastinate for too long.

That's my brilliant thought for today. Make any sense? I don't know *chuckles* it's just what came to mind.