swimmin' thru mud


Q: why is it sometimes, with the best will in the world, it feels like you're swimmin' thru mud?

A: perhaps if I didn't stay up til early in the mornin' I'd have a brain the next day

- not a lot to report at this moment in time, 'cept I got a meetin' with Michael, my co-writer, tomorrow morning - we're gonna talk about marketing our CD; and I have a rehearsal with my trio tomorrow night in prep for an appearance on Friday.

- been working on some new age ambient instrumentals, let you know when I've got something together

- my to-do list hasn't got any shorter :)

- I hurt my ankle somehow on the weekend -- too much walking? -- anyway, it's swollen & I can't wear a shoe without feelin' discomfort. I'm alternating heat & ice... and I just can't do any housework like this :( (oh, yah!)... wah wah violins play.

Oh, hey, I 'opened' for Nonie Crete on Friday night - went very well!

it's hard to catch up when nothing will willingly finish!

Yeah, well, I know I haven't posted a blog for a while. I was sticking to my list, determined to finish some of these projects -- but they just keep coming back for more! I don't know how many times I've said, okay, THAT'S DONE!! Whoo hooo!!! Only to find out... the timing's off there, can you redo it & upload? I need your vocals on 4 different tracks, can you redo & upload? That bass track isn't working, what shall we do? The link to your track is broken, can you reload it? Or, even worse -- tryin' to upload and getting error messages, over and over again, just when you want to get it finished and move on!!

ha ha hee hee, that's my little rant for today. I suppose things are moving along, albeit SLOWLY.

Okay, where are we .... well, remember I said I was NOT going to take on any new projects until the old ones were caught up... hee hee hee, ya, right. The day I said that, I took on another one, and the day after, two more. Call me crazy. I'm just a girl who can't say no to interesting musical ideas :)

Now, where did I put my list?

If Wishes Could be Granted (Richard Larabie) - the demo of this co-write is getting good reviews - http://www.soundclick.com/vikkiflawith

This Sinking Ship (Arie Boom) - in progress, gotta redo the vocals

Tired Eyes (Billie Spencer) - demo in progress!

I May have Started it (Cliff Hitchcock & the Collaborators) - DONE - check it out: http://www.soundclick.com/thebullets

The Cat with the Strat (Joe Wrabek & the Collaborators) - DONE - check it out: http://www.soundclick.com/joewrabek

In That Moment (Errol Chugg) - lead vocals complete

Time (Noel Downs) - back-up vox complete

Mutual No Society (Boomboom) - lead F vocals complete

I Could Dream (Lucian Blaga & Dean Taylor) - lead vocals complete - the demo just got forwarded to a publisher, too!

Long Distance Love (David Van Camp) - promise to add more back-up vox to his song

Trying to Get Over You (Richard Batt) - must check in with Richard

One Tear at a Time (Bob Lazzar-Atwood) - workin' on guitar part for this

Send an Angel (Billie Spencer) - waiting for demo

CombOver Romeo (Richard Larabie, Gregg Jansen, Marvin Perkins) - gotta work on demo

Rolled the Dice, Paid the Price (Richard Larabie), need to redo some of the music

Why Keep Him (Richard Larabie), rough demo up - http://www.soundclick.com/vikkiflawith

Can We Start Again (Lloyd Kirk) - gotta work on demo

Gravity (Dean Taylor) - gotta work on demo

Scent of Your Betrayal (Rebecca Peaden) - need to get some pro feedback on demo

On Open Wings (Richard Larabie & Marvin Perkins) - gotta work on demo

Lying (Matt Hirt) - Matt's workin' on demo!

Big Boots (Michael Kavanagh) - I'm workin' on music

Still Ain't Rich (Lloyd Kirk) - we're hashing over lyrics

Also possible duet collab with Michael Shane.

Finally, the final proof of the final master of the CD is on its way to me tonight -- I sure hope this is it!!!

bad week ends well + ideas

well, I had a pretty bad week this week. Monday I had to go out of town to deal with a family matter that was very stressful and concluded with the conclusion we'd have to come back and do the same thing again!!!! On top of that I couldn't get away when expected and ended up having to stay overnight on Tuesday and rush home the next day, missing 3 lessons with students. I didn't sleep much Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights.

Wednesday afternoon I tried to pick up the reins of my projects and teaching... I was so glad to be working with my students again - and I swear, I don't know how they did it, but every single one of them blew me away with the progress I could hear.

On Thursday, in my after-stress fog & in my eagerness to get back on track & do the 'right thing', I ended up upsetting a good friend & talented musician - I'd misread an email, made a choice I thought he'd supported, and everything blew up in my face.

Friday, my final 3 students of the week all revealed more confidence and more beauty in their voices; had lunch with my mom; cheerfully paid my rent; I met my author friend in the afternoon and got to see a proof of the book I'd edited & proofed for him... and he paid me for my time; I went out to James Bay Coffee & Books and sang a couple of originals, and was told I'd be asked back for more; and my music was played on CKRG 89.9 FM Radio Glendon (radio play - royalties - yeah!).

Saturday - I've been considering taking my lyric writing skills into the next realm and offer my services as a reviewer of lyrics for the novice songwriter. Often the novice writer has difficulty with crafting a lyric so that it can be set to music, and, altho the feedback on songwriting boards is valuable, much of it can be given by other amateurs. I can help with form, structure, contrast, imagery, rhyming, & grammer, and I'd charge $20 US to give detailed feedback on one lyric within 7 - 10 days; if the writer would like a back & forth, $35 US and I'll look at the re-write. My contributions would be as a work for hire, and the copyright would be retained by the lyricist.

The other area I'm thinking of is creative mentoring. I have a coach as a client of mine, we have weekly phone meetings and often at the end of the meeting she thanks me for my coaching lol. Many folks say they find my blogs & journey inspirational (I'm always a little taken aback by that- I'm just doing my thing)... and, as a voice teacher, I often am working as a life coach or a creative coach with my students. I have the skills, the question is how to deliver it. Certainly a weekly phone call is best, or perhaps a chat on-line - I really think it needs to be interactive. I love folks like Bob Baker (http://www.thebuzzfactor.com/) but I could never afford his prices! I'd charge $35 US per hour. I'm getting a new computer next month & could get Skype set up, so over-the-net consultations would be possible, or the creative client could call me.

I'm always surprised to find out people are actually reading my blog, so if you're out there, and you think these are good ideas... please let me know.

I have to go get ready - my trio, "Easy," rehearses at 10:30 :)