bad week ends well + ideas

well, I had a pretty bad week this week. Monday I had to go out of town to deal with a family matter that was very stressful and concluded with the conclusion we'd have to come back and do the same thing again!!!! On top of that I couldn't get away when expected and ended up having to stay overnight on Tuesday and rush home the next day, missing 3 lessons with students. I didn't sleep much Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights.

Wednesday afternoon I tried to pick up the reins of my projects and teaching... I was so glad to be working with my students again - and I swear, I don't know how they did it, but every single one of them blew me away with the progress I could hear.

On Thursday, in my after-stress fog & in my eagerness to get back on track & do the 'right thing', I ended up upsetting a good friend & talented musician - I'd misread an email, made a choice I thought he'd supported, and everything blew up in my face.

Friday, my final 3 students of the week all revealed more confidence and more beauty in their voices; had lunch with my mom; cheerfully paid my rent; I met my author friend in the afternoon and got to see a proof of the book I'd edited & proofed for him... and he paid me for my time; I went out to James Bay Coffee & Books and sang a couple of originals, and was told I'd be asked back for more; and my music was played on CKRG 89.9 FM Radio Glendon (radio play - royalties - yeah!).

Saturday - I've been considering taking my lyric writing skills into the next realm and offer my services as a reviewer of lyrics for the novice songwriter. Often the novice writer has difficulty with crafting a lyric so that it can be set to music, and, altho the feedback on songwriting boards is valuable, much of it can be given by other amateurs. I can help with form, structure, contrast, imagery, rhyming, & grammer, and I'd charge $20 US to give detailed feedback on one lyric within 7 - 10 days; if the writer would like a back & forth, $35 US and I'll look at the re-write. My contributions would be as a work for hire, and the copyright would be retained by the lyricist.

The other area I'm thinking of is creative mentoring. I have a coach as a client of mine, we have weekly phone meetings and often at the end of the meeting she thanks me for my coaching lol. Many folks say they find my blogs & journey inspirational (I'm always a little taken aback by that- I'm just doing my thing)... and, as a voice teacher, I often am working as a life coach or a creative coach with my students. I have the skills, the question is how to deliver it. Certainly a weekly phone call is best, or perhaps a chat on-line - I really think it needs to be interactive. I love folks like Bob Baker ( but I could never afford his prices! I'd charge $35 US per hour. I'm getting a new computer next month & could get Skype set up, so over-the-net consultations would be possible, or the creative client could call me.

I'm always surprised to find out people are actually reading my blog, so if you're out there, and you think these are good ideas... please let me know.

I have to go get ready - my trio, "Easy," rehearses at 10:30 :)

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