Remix completed

I spent today reworking my newest song, 'Wilted Heart'. I upped the tempo, added a Latin backbeat, recorded the vocals and harmony. I just uploaded the result to Soundclick - it's not too bad, still not broadcast quality demo level, but pretty good for someone whose only been recording for 3 days, I think!

I also worked on a children's song, I've got it written and half produced. I'll lay down the vocals in a day or two. The other thing I worked on today was another experimental piece.

Now I'll have to put my mind to some of the other things I have to get done... housework, et al. But first - bed.

Completed another song...

Just finished mixing down my newest recording. I started working on it at noon today. I'd seen a request for a Christmas carol for a recording artist... so I pulled out a song I'd written a few years back for a gospel workshop I led... and revised it according to everything I've learned over the past few months about songwriting. I came up with a chord progression and a cool beat, wrote out the melody and harmony, and then started recording the tracks. I mixed it down about an hour ago - wow, it sounds pretty good. I think I've finally figured out how to use this recording software - it's the best thing I've done in the 3 days since I got it.

Mind you, it felt a little funny sitting here singing about Christmas when the spring sun is shining through the window. I'll submit it tomorrow - wish me luck!

Feb 27th, 6:34 am

Well, here it is, 6:30 am and I'm so tired I can barely type. It's early dawn, light is sneaking into the sky. Once again I've been up all night working on music, and am just waiting for my newest piece, 'The Way I Love You', to upload to Soundclick. I'm not sure what genre it really fits, I listed it in 'Alternative, Experimental', very different from my country-pop and classical-contemporary songs.

It took me a good while to come up with a good mix, as I've only been recording my own stuff for... ahem... about 2 days.

But that makes 3 pieces I've created this week: a new song, an instrumental... and a vocal tapestry. Now I better go create some zzzz's.