Creating inspiration

Oh, look, an empty page. It looks very big. What will I write? I really don't know. My mind is blank. It often feels that way when I decide I should be creative or say something meaningful. Then the pressure is on and the ideas just dry up. At that point I might even contemplate sorting out the sock drawer.

Some people claim they can't do anything unless they feel inspired. That may work for them but I'd be scared I'd only be inspired a couple times a year. I prefer to sit down and look for inspiration by playing. Write a scrap of lyric, doodle with a tune, fiddle with some drum beats...

I come up with a line of lyric and then google rhyming words and toss them around to see what might connect.

If working on an instrumental I might google the topic and read a little, looking for words or phrases that might make an interesting title. I use the title as a motivation to find and mix sounds.

Sometimes I just find a really cool beat and use that as the basis for an entire piece.

I could go on. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to explore creativity and find inspiration. A lot of what I write is grist for the mill and not fit for human consumption, but I write it anyway. Because that experience, that time spent in the flow... will lead me somewhere, in time.

If I am fearful of being flawed, I will never move forward.

Repeat: If I am fearful of being flawed, I will never move forward ;)