Summer hiatus

Well, I'm off tonight for my summer break... where I will write copious songs with the guitar - hopefully some of them good - and lie on a cot in the yard & nap in the sleepy afternoons.... cook dinner once every three days... take the dog for morning walks... paint... spend time with my beloved Dad... and basically be in nature. Hope you have a good one! Talk to you when I get back :)

50 songs in 90 days - Jul 4 to Oct 1

Hey, I'm doing the "50 songs in 90 days" songwriting challenge. I did it last year, but only wrote about 12 songs. I hope to do better this year! You can do it too --- No excuses!!! Yes you can - it isn't impossible... yes you can, you can find the time... yes you can!!!

Other than that... let's see... found myself a new vocal coach - she's a fairly well known opera singer & a very sweet lady; I auditioned for the chorus of the local professional opera company; I signed a two-year exclusive agreement for an instrumental with an LA music publisher; and I'm working on collabs with Dean Taylor, Noel Downs, Arie Boom, and Michael Kavanagh. My trio performed several times in June, but we'll be taking a break over the summer as members will be away. I've been working on my guitar skills and am trying to understand more about production, and more about orchestration. I've booked a trip to LA in the fall, as well. Oh, and I was interviewed by CBC Radio on the topic of 'music as therapy' and how the practice of music lifts us and moves us forward in growth and awareness. And - I did laundry. Now if I could just organize my bedroom. Anyone got a backhoe?