50 songs in 90 days - Jul 4 to Oct 1

Hey, I'm doing the "50 songs in 90 days" songwriting challenge. I did it last year, but only wrote about 12 songs. I hope to do better this year! You can do it too --- http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/50songs90days/ No excuses!!! Yes you can - it isn't impossible... yes you can, you can find the time... yes you can!!!

Other than that... let's see... found myself a new vocal coach - she's a fairly well known opera singer & a very sweet lady; I auditioned for the chorus of the local professional opera company; I signed a two-year exclusive agreement for an instrumental with an LA music publisher; and I'm working on collabs with Dean Taylor, Noel Downs, Arie Boom, and Michael Kavanagh. My trio performed several times in June, but we'll be taking a break over the summer as members will be away. I've been working on my guitar skills and am trying to understand more about production, and more about orchestration. I've booked a trip to LA in the fall, as well. Oh, and I was interviewed by CBC Radio on the topic of 'music as therapy' and how the practice of music lifts us and moves us forward in growth and awareness. And - I did laundry. Now if I could just organize my bedroom. Anyone got a backhoe?

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