artistry IS the journey

In our society, we seem to deny that there is a ‘process’ to ‘becoming’… we seem to think a) folks are born with it, and b) they just arrive. But the truth is, for most people, artistry is a journey. I’m afraid that the Idol shows and the emphasis on youth in the music industry is in direct opposition to the truth of how a human being becomes a real artist (songwriter, painter, singer, writer, etc) --- it takes time, experience, perseverance. You love it, that’s why you do it — not for fame or fortune — but because you can’t imagine doing anything else. Because it touches something deep in your soul. Because it challenges you to change and grow... and let your light shine. You are never too old to begin. Define success for yourself, not in fame & fortune, but in days truly lived, awake & aware, doing the things that light you up inside. Yes, perhaps we have to give time and energy to jobs & family - but these are also the things we have chosen to do. Choose to do them with a positive mindset. Make them part of your creativity. Be careful, because the world worships fame, but denies process. Be careful, because the world worships "work" and "tangible results" and denies inner life. Seek balance, and make sure you find time for yourself and your creative practice.