I woke up composing a song

Sometimes I wake up too early. It's rare, but it happens. The sun isn't up yet. Sometimes I can't get right back to sleep. So I open the little Chromebook and have a little gander around at what's going on. A little Facebook, a little songwriting forums, a little bit of this and that. I had an email with a brief looking for a gospel tune, I figured, I'll listen to the a la's. Watched a little Jane Austen and when I felt sleepy again, switched it all off, and lay down. I started imagining a gospel song... came up with a title, could kinda 'hear' it in my mind... imagined the hook in different settings, and then once I had the chorus I was imagining the choir coming in under the lead singer with some cool harmonies and the lead kinda doing that embellishment and ad libs, I had this whole chorus going on in my mind. Then I opened my eyes and looked at the clock and realized I'd been snoozing for almost three hours. I'd been composing in my sleep. ~

Did I do anything today? Ummm...

Monday, nearly time to go to bed. I cast my mind back to ask myself what, if anything, did I achieve today. I have to think about it.

Well, I walked. And I have had some difficulty walking but I am slowly getting better and I walked further than I have before. That felt good. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing cold from the sea.

Yesterday, an Easter sale tempted me, and I updated my Tracktion 7 to Waveform 9. I like already. Then I sat and went through 8 intro videos, rather doubtfully at the start, since I've been using Tracktion for years. But the videos were great and each one had some tidbit or other that was of interest.

Today there was another film scoring challenge from a group I belong to, due this coming Sunday. This time I didn't wait, I downloaded it, watched it and sat noodling on the piano for awhile. The idea is to find a motif and then expand it. Although I didn't noodle anything that stood out for me, it was fun to noodle and try things out.

Then I went back and listened to my entry for another composing contest. Funny how when you put these things away for a little while, when you listen to it after a break, you sometimes start to see the potential. Now I have something I like I just need to orchestrate it.

I signed up for a songwriting workshop at the end of the month with a songwriting coach I respect. I sent in a song for review. I'm considering recording it for submission to film/tv opps and it would be good to get her feedback on it.

And, I find myself watching American Idol. A few years ago, I did a blog for a couple of seasons, I'd give my thoughts on each show and performance. I stopped doing it because it was a lot of work and also I didn't like some of the negativity on the show. They made fun of people and embarrassed them. And I felt like they promoted the 'big voice' at the cost of authenticity.

I feel like the show has changed. They are more about telling the story of the singers, and pretty much only show the successful auditions. And you get see how someone really talented chooses the wrong song, or can't find the courage on the day, or has overworked their instrument, and in the end, may not make it. Anyway, I find myself enjoying the show for the storytelling and the ability to watch the singers receive their coaching and feedback.

I've been working on going through stuff, boxes, desks, drawers, etc. Watching a little AI helps the job get done.

Not bad for a sleepy Monday. ~