goals for the New Year...

Well, somebody was asking, so I made a list.

For 2006 my goals are:
- complete any outstanding collab projects(!);

- organize my house & be ruthless in getting rid of the junk (I'm a collector)... I believe this gets in the way of the creative flow... and it's impossible to find anything(!);

- walk everyday, spend 4 days a week in creative creating... writing music/lyrics, working on producing, or painting, or singing, or playing guitar, etc;

- give myself some time every day when I DON'T have to be doing anything... at least 30 minutes... where I can just sit & be (or lie on my mat doing Alexander Technique);

- make sure to spend time with my Mom and Dad;

- call up my voice coach & get a monthly 'check-up';

- continue to work on completing my 50-songs-in-a-year by Feb 14/06... & start again(!);

- get some reference materials (The Art of Mixing) and really work on understanding how to mix my tracks... might take a couple years practice, but I really want to know how to do my own master quality production;

- I just got Jammer, I need to do the tutorial & play with it to understand it better;

- take some guitar lessons so I can accompany myself better;

- I'm starting a Celtic/folk duo with a friend, so we'll be working on developing repertoire - writing arrangements for covers & for our own originals too, and then look for venues to perform;

- complete working on an EP I'm putting out with my friend & co-writer Michael Kavanagh;

- put out my own new age pop / ambient album;

- make time for a cat nap every afternoon;

- continue to keep up my blogs and postings on songwriting boards - networking & meeting great folks!!

.... sounds like a lot but I have a whole year to do it ... or not do it... or mean to do it... LOL

Have a great New Year, everyone!!!

gettin' in the spirit!

Well, this week I worked on some music, of course; taught some students, of course; did my usual surfing of songwriting boards, etc. But today, I did some simple Christmas shopping, and tonight, I got out my Christmas decorations and put up my tree. So I'm sittin' here listening to music and lookin at my cute little tree. I'm in the spirit!! Tomorrow I'm havin' coffee with whatever of my students show up... getting a hair cut... and then doin' dinner & a movie with a friend. This comin' Thurs, I'll be out of town for a few days - I'm going to see my Dad, who is, very thankfully, doing very well.

For all of those who surprise me by actually reading this - I hope you have a beautiful, musical, and meaningful holiday. Remember the things in the world that are magical... like the little birds fluttering by your window... the moon hanging in drifting clouds speckled with stars... the taste of good wine by a warm fire... yummy dark chocolate... the smiles of friends... the stunning colours of the sunset...

We have been given the gift of music... sounds that carry universal meaning across borders and language barriers, that makes people laugh & dance, or moves them to tears. For that gift, I am profoundly thankful. And for my Dad being here to share the season.

Merry merry, everyone!

striding forward with purpose

Even though I have another cold. Argh! Still managing to sing and sound decent. Hopefully will lift cause I have a musical event I want to attend tomorrow night, a craft fair on Sat, dinner with mom Sat night... have to go downtown tomorrow and hit the bank... oh yeah, clean the house... that sort of thing.

Working away at my 10 projects. I decided to try and see if I could do one per day - many of them already have had some work done, I just need to catch up, remember exactly where I was and what I'm supposed to be doing now.

So far this week -
- worked on ezine for my client, it went out yesterday
- did a reference track for a Kavanagh-Flawith collab, got my friend Vic working on drums & maybe a little piano to help fill the song out;
- did a second draft of the Taylor-Flawith collab, got the paperwork ready, sent it all to Dean;
- did a second draft of the Rulliere-Flawith collab, also got that paperwork ready and sent it all to Diane;
- did a short sample of music for a new collab, with Lloyd Kyrk, he's happy with my ideas & we'll be signing an agreement;
- practiced the guitar;
- tidied the house somewhat;
- taught several students;
- went out to dinner with a friend.

Not bad for 4 days. Goin to bed now. :)