gettin' in the spirit!

Well, this week I worked on some music, of course; taught some students, of course; did my usual surfing of songwriting boards, etc. But today, I did some simple Christmas shopping, and tonight, I got out my Christmas decorations and put up my tree. So I'm sittin' here listening to music and lookin at my cute little tree. I'm in the spirit!! Tomorrow I'm havin' coffee with whatever of my students show up... getting a hair cut... and then doin' dinner & a movie with a friend. This comin' Thurs, I'll be out of town for a few days - I'm going to see my Dad, who is, very thankfully, doing very well.

For all of those who surprise me by actually reading this - I hope you have a beautiful, musical, and meaningful holiday. Remember the things in the world that are magical... like the little birds fluttering by your window... the moon hanging in drifting clouds speckled with stars... the taste of good wine by a warm fire... yummy dark chocolate... the smiles of friends... the stunning colours of the sunset...

We have been given the gift of music... sounds that carry universal meaning across borders and language barriers, that makes people laugh & dance, or moves them to tears. For that gift, I am profoundly thankful. And for my Dad being here to share the season.

Merry merry, everyone!


Linda Anthony said...

Greetings from Maine/USA Vikki. Interesting way that you spell your first name! I just happened to follow this blog from the "general message" area of JPF to see what a blog is. I've only recently seen the term and followed my curiousity to your fine songwriters blog.

Also, after reading your latest post, I find you to be a very sweet person! I've read that you've been involved with the theater. I too have interests in the theater and hopefully be able to use some of my songs? Not sure if that's realistic but if nothing else it would help me in performance and confidence while on stage. I've never performed before! I only started taking my songwriting seriously about 3 years ago at the age of 43...finally recorded my first 2 songs this past September and am learning more and more as I go. If you have chance give my song a listen and tell me what you think if you don't mind! I'd love to learn more from you as a writer and how to get into the theater without any former acting lessons? Or if it's even possible lol. Take Care and Merry Merry to you and yours! Linda Anthony

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vikki for your generosity in sharing knowledge with masses.

Be blessed.

sincerely, daggakarab
singer songwriter