striding forward with purpose

Even though I have another cold. Argh! Still managing to sing and sound decent. Hopefully will lift cause I have a musical event I want to attend tomorrow night, a craft fair on Sat, dinner with mom Sat night... have to go downtown tomorrow and hit the bank... oh yeah, clean the house... that sort of thing.

Working away at my 10 projects. I decided to try and see if I could do one per day - many of them already have had some work done, I just need to catch up, remember exactly where I was and what I'm supposed to be doing now.

So far this week -
- worked on ezine for my client, it went out yesterday
- did a reference track for a Kavanagh-Flawith collab, got my friend Vic working on drums & maybe a little piano to help fill the song out;
- did a second draft of the Taylor-Flawith collab, got the paperwork ready, sent it all to Dean;
- did a second draft of the Rulliere-Flawith collab, also got that paperwork ready and sent it all to Diane;
- did a short sample of music for a new collab, with Lloyd Kyrk, he's happy with my ideas & we'll be signing an agreement;
- practiced the guitar;
- tidied the house somewhat;
- taught several students;
- went out to dinner with a friend.

Not bad for 4 days. Goin to bed now. :)

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