heading for Hollywood, CA!

got my press kits & demo CDs and my little Martin guitar, some new clothes & a lot of chutspa... I will be challenged to step up to the plate, meet & greet people, make chit chat, and present myself as an artist who has something to say and a voice to say it with. This will be, for me, a test of how far I've come in believing in myself and what I do. I'll try to blog my journey if I can - I am keeping a sketch journal so either way you'll be treated to the fascinating tale: "The Cosmic Diva goes to Hollywood"

ya'll take care til I get back!

taking stock...

Someone on JPF just asked 'making progress'? That's a good question. I started thinking about it, and I realized -- I've come a loooooooong way in the past year.

I've gone from having little knowledge about recording to being able to create a reasonally good rough cut back-up for my music with a mix of live & electronic instruments. I went from using free recording software with a $20 computer mic to having Shure mics, Tracktion 2, Band in a Box and Jammer.

I went from playing the keyboard badly to buying a 6-string acoustic guitar - a Martin from Mexico, which will be accompanying me on my live gigs around town. I'm taking guitar lessons (voice coaching too).

I have my first EP (pop/country) coming out this week, and plans for a full-length ambient album by the new year.

I'm going to Hollywood in November to attend the Taxi Road Rally. I've been invited to 'jam' with my internet band live in person in Tucson in March... and Nashville has been on my mind!

I'm singing better than ever, writing more than ever -- and even writing better than ever, I'm told.

Plus, I've collaborated with some really great folks this year on a number of tunes.

On top of that, I just got my own domain - http://www.vikkiflawith.com

All of these things were totally unexpected, and I'm immensely grateful for the support and encouragement that I've received from friends & fans around the globe!!

back at it (to some degree)

Well, I'm a little better today tho my voice is still husky sounding. I have several projects on the go:

Scent of Your Betrayal (Dale Peaden) - music done, needs vocals
Sunset...Starshine (Diane Rulliere) - music done, needs vocals
Back to the Gravity (Dean Taylor) - music done, needs vocals
I Could Dream (Dean Taylor, Lucien Blaga) - awaiting vocals
Song by Robert Thompson - awaiting vocals
collab project with Dave Walton - brainstorming
collab with Erin Simms - awaiting ideas
possible collab with Volder Zdunnek
'the casket' by Richard & Marvin - I'm providing vocals
The Collaborators are working on my new song, "motorcycle momma"

And several songs of my own - Wilted Heart, Out on the Margin, Lilac, and a couple of lyrics I need to get music going on.

I'm also prepping 7 songs for a "sampler" EP to be released at the end of the month (country & pop), designing the CD cover & label, etc.

My trip to LA is slowly coming together... need to get travel insurance, buy some clothes... get myself a good carry-on bag & a garment bag.

Played guitar with a bluegrass jam last night, it's good practice of the Nashville numbering system!


getting back up to speed at last...

hey, getting back some energy, even if the voice isn't all there, it's sounding more like me than it did a couple days ago! Had to cancel my teaching for 3 days :( - but, on the other hand, I spent a lot of time working on two new pieces:

- Sunset, Starshine, a collab with lyricist Diane Rulliere - it's gonna be a ambient world pop song

- Back to the Gravity, a collab with lyricist Dean Taylor - it's ambient euro-tek pop

I have instrumental versions of both... just waiting for the voice to come back so I can really get them going!!

Many thanks to all those who sent me get well messages - I appreciate it a lot (and am surprised to find that folks are actually reading this LOL)!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there!!


ack... got slowed down on projects since I discovered I have strep throat!!! The first symptom was singing flat all over the place while having this very strange feeling in my throat. Then I got lung congestion... and the wierd fur ball wrapped tightly around my vocals chords grew to the size of a large cat. I cancelled my students Tuesday and Wednesday -- and didn't speak one word on Wednesday.

I did work on mixing a new song yesterday, at least I could do that! Did some admin work too - counted at least 38 songs I have written or co-written this year, that doesn't include the collabs where I helped out with vocals. So I'm doing well on my goal to write 52 songs by Feb 14 /06!

NEWS: I started a new 'advice' column... I get a fair number of messages, posts & emails asking me for advice on the music industry... so I decided to blog the info!!

Check it out ---
Hummingbird's UnCommon Sense

voice is slowly creeping back

ack, many projects were put on hold this past week... cause I couldn't sing at all, at all... well, I could, but it was all FLAT - ack!! Couldn't bear it!! Everytime I get sick, I worry that my voice will be like that forever... that would be so awful... in the meantime though, I worked on getting that new website up, and also wrote a couple of new lyrics.

Today I have a demo singer coming in to record a spacey Celtic fantasy of mine (aren't they all LOL)... besides that...

Current to-dos:

- prep Blue Collar Man & Send Me a Man for mastering

- complete revamping of Scent of Your Betrayal

- final vocals for I Could Dream - when the voice is trully back

- work on arrangement for new MJK/VLF collab

- rework/revise Wilted Heart - have a bass & piano track coming, I've been working on the guitar part.

- mail off a submission to music publisher

- mail off a submission to a local talent contest

- mail off a submission to project on teen violence

in the wings:
- collab with lyricist Diane Rulliere

- collab with lyricist Dean Taylor

- collab with singer/songwriter Erin Simms

- collab with musician Volker Zdunnek