ack... got slowed down on projects since I discovered I have strep throat!!! The first symptom was singing flat all over the place while having this very strange feeling in my throat. Then I got lung congestion... and the wierd fur ball wrapped tightly around my vocals chords grew to the size of a large cat. I cancelled my students Tuesday and Wednesday -- and didn't speak one word on Wednesday.

I did work on mixing a new song yesterday, at least I could do that! Did some admin work too - counted at least 38 songs I have written or co-written this year, that doesn't include the collabs where I helped out with vocals. So I'm doing well on my goal to write 52 songs by Feb 14 /06!

NEWS: I started a new 'advice' column... I get a fair number of messages, posts & emails asking me for advice on the music industry... so I decided to blog the info!!

Check it out ---
Hummingbird's UnCommon Sense

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Jamie Brayden said...

Ahhhh...the dreaded curse of the sore throat. My Nana's cure was Honey, Tea and Rum. Mine is Elderberry and sometimes a little Slippery Elm Bark. I do hope you're feeling better soon.

I just became "aquainted" with you through Songramp( I'm Songgoddess at Songramp). You've had quite a career. I enjoy the new sound you've been making. The Celtic/New Age music is inspiring to me. It tends to draw me in most likely due to past life experiences.

I hope you're feeling better very soon.