taking stock...

Someone on JPF just asked 'making progress'? That's a good question. I started thinking about it, and I realized -- I've come a loooooooong way in the past year.

I've gone from having little knowledge about recording to being able to create a reasonally good rough cut back-up for my music with a mix of live & electronic instruments. I went from using free recording software with a $20 computer mic to having Shure mics, Tracktion 2, Band in a Box and Jammer.

I went from playing the keyboard badly to buying a 6-string acoustic guitar - a Martin from Mexico, which will be accompanying me on my live gigs around town. I'm taking guitar lessons (voice coaching too).

I have my first EP (pop/country) coming out this week, and plans for a full-length ambient album by the new year.

I'm going to Hollywood in November to attend the Taxi Road Rally. I've been invited to 'jam' with my internet band live in person in Tucson in March... and Nashville has been on my mind!

I'm singing better than ever, writing more than ever -- and even writing better than ever, I'm told.

Plus, I've collaborated with some really great folks this year on a number of tunes.

On top of that, I just got my own domain - http://www.vikkiflawith.com

All of these things were totally unexpected, and I'm immensely grateful for the support and encouragement that I've received from friends & fans around the globe!!

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Isaac Bon Psyche said...

I'm Isaac, the Shabby bloke who interrupted your conversation on Blogging at VanCity this morning (at approx. 9:08AM).
I have skimmed your blog, but won't have digested it until tomorrow(sleeping gives the mind some time to digest so much context).. anyway, I am particularly curious as to your friend (I didn't catch his name) who is interested in the Integrity factor of company's like VanCity.
I appreciate Vancity's big picture objectives, but wherein I see them missing the boat is in allowing the Big Picture idealism to translate into a smooth ride for us all.
I am undergoing a battle of non-ado with ICBC, who first externalized the battle onto the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia(Rita Fayle, and Miles 'Smiley' Clay), which then overflowed onto VanCity's doorstep.
Because VanCity did not question the CAUSE(the justification, the reasoning) of the Certificate of Incapability they did receive stating 'Isaac Bon Hillier'(the name I am formally, yet formerly, known by). Albeit said Certificate Incapability was filed with the alleged accordance BC Patient's Property Act 6(3), but with ignorance the fact Isaac Bon Hillier is not currently a patient in a Mental Health Facility, never have been, nor will be, under the care of one Dr. Frank Loomer (MD, FRCPC), Director of Geriatric Psychiatry, VIHA. Yet, even if I were off my rocker(into some granny) and eager to seduce the demented elderly under his care(if I could bear sharing beside Frankie Boy), he is obligated(as per section 2(2) to serve, upon my person, notice of his application for said Certificate Incapability Isaac.
Be well sunshine,

Isaac Bon Psyche
Just because you can do something, does that make it just? Explain. --Question the Status Quo