back at it (to some degree)

Well, I'm a little better today tho my voice is still husky sounding. I have several projects on the go:

Scent of Your Betrayal (Dale Peaden) - music done, needs vocals
Sunset...Starshine (Diane Rulliere) - music done, needs vocals
Back to the Gravity (Dean Taylor) - music done, needs vocals
I Could Dream (Dean Taylor, Lucien Blaga) - awaiting vocals
Song by Robert Thompson - awaiting vocals
collab project with Dave Walton - brainstorming
collab with Erin Simms - awaiting ideas
possible collab with Volder Zdunnek
'the casket' by Richard & Marvin - I'm providing vocals
The Collaborators are working on my new song, "motorcycle momma"

And several songs of my own - Wilted Heart, Out on the Margin, Lilac, and a couple of lyrics I need to get music going on.

I'm also prepping 7 songs for a "sampler" EP to be released at the end of the month (country & pop), designing the CD cover & label, etc.

My trip to LA is slowly coming together... need to get travel insurance, buy some clothes... get myself a good carry-on bag & a garment bag.

Played guitar with a bluegrass jam last night, it's good practice of the Nashville numbering system!


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