I'm shimmering with energy

I've just spent my week working on several exciting and time-consuming music projects....
- completed the final mix of Dreaming Love - a Tapestry; we've had some nice feedback so far;
- wrote & produced a piece of electronica I called Trippin in C - used electric guitar & keyboard + a little midi;
- sketched out the background for Lilac & Lavender, recorded the demo, now working on mixing & fleshing out;
- volunteered to produce the current project for The Collaborators, mixing the tracks, adding some background vocals & a bit of a bass piano line - took me most of Sat night & today;
- made a songlink submission;
- made 2 industry resource submissions;
- taught my students;
- took my mom out for her birthday;
- went shopping with my sister for art supplies, etc, for our month away running our little summer studio/gallery;
- met with one of the artists providing some work for the gallery;
- even did a tiny wee bit of housework.

Work up (after staying up half the night to work on The Collaborators project) to find out my song, Still I Dream of You, has made #1 on the Soundclick 'subgenre' pop/AAA charts -- and is #6 in pop overall! I'm very proud - I produced it myself using Tracktion2, some midi, some eyboard, electric guitar, etc. As I said to a few folks, I know that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but this song is very meaningful to me & I really feel honoured that other folks like it too.

Got a big week ahead, gotta get to bed early!
Later.... :-)

feelin very proud

Been a busy few days, I made several sets of jewelry to sell in my summer gallery (chokers & matching earrings), and I worked on getting my folk CD organized, designed an ezine for my producer, jammed with the guitarist who's gonna be laying down some live tracks for a remix of Wilted Heart - and he lent me an electric guitar, so I've been sitting around playing scales & songs on that, and I also had to lay down my part in a duet I participated in creating for 'the collaborators'. 'Time Machine will be posted on Soundclick soon, I think.

After listening to the folk-pop songs I planned to put in my little home-made CD, I felt that Still I Dream of You needed some work. So I made a MIDI file, created some piano fillers, worked on it all in Tracktion2, laid down the lead vocals, mixed it... gosh I think it sounds great!! Slowly I am getting the hang of this MiDi/filter thing. I'm uploading it to Soundclick right now. I'm not sure if it needs any vocal harmony... they say just lead vocals & reasonably good instruments is enough for a demo. I'll ask and see what folks say. I'm going to make it my main page song.

Next I need to work on a new song I'm recording with another singer this Friday. She's got that clear Celtic purity that I think would fit the song. I need to get the backup instruments working well so she can sing over them. Besides that, I've been penning lyrics as they come to me... teaching... doing my usual web activities. what's that? housework? me?

I have two weekends left before I go to Savary, so I have a lot to do. But this Thursday night I'm gonna see Tom Jones, live!!! Yeah!!

whew!! is it Thursday already???

Wow, was I feeling stressed this morning thinking about everything I had on my plate - especially pushing myself to finish this set of recorded vocal exercises & tips prior to the workshop I was to teach tonight. But I said to myself 'you know what, I'm not going to get it finished on time, not the way I want. And all these hand-outs you plan to do are going to take time & paper & toner'. So I set up a page on my site specifically for the folks at the workshop, where they can order the exercise tape, or look at the hand-outs as .pdf's, or link to my website & see my info on voice lessons. Wasn't that intelligent of me?

I was nervous about the workshop (kept thinking all day 'why did I say I would do this') -- but it was okay. I did about 1/2 of warm-ups (breathing, humming, sighing, scales... legato, thinking opposite, a bit about shaping), gave a few pointers & ideas on preparation & performance.

Anyway, I am nearly finished the tape, if anyone orders it, I'll have it done in the next day or two and can run off copies. I'm also feeling scattered in terms of what I need to do next... so here's a list:

- art cards (buy a couple more packs tomorrow)
- bank, pay bills
- design, edit & send proof to DS for his ezine
- Dreaming Love - final mix, post on Mixposure
- the collaborators - lay down female vocals, waiting for the word
- jewelry (make 10 chokers & earrings by end mo)
- mix down LT's song for her
- paperwork, record label & Socan
- folk CD - start completing final mixes
- set up links to my Blog & my ordering page on my website
- write the next article for my ezine
- update manual, client records, back-ups for client
- update schedule & send out weekly email to students
- organize house / grocery shopping / chores
- go over music listings & submit songs
- Sat - jam with guitarist helping me record a song
- work on back-ground for another song I've got a demo singer workin' on
- catch up on calls & emails to friends/family

That's all I can think of for now... have 3 weekends left before I leave for a month, got a lot to do before then!!!! :)

P.S. - I posted a new piece of 'sonic art' / soundscape/ vocal motif, if you care to listen it's at www.artistlaunch.com/vikkiflawith - "Spell of the Witch", got some nice feedback on it so far!

so far so good

Well, slowly getting through my to-do list

- I now have 5 or 6 tracks recorded for my 'exercises for beginning singers' CD, sounds pretty good. All it is is me talking as though I'm in the room giving a lesson, demonstrating, explaining, and then asking the listener to sing with me.
- mailed the letter to Philos
- taught all my students
- went for a walk
- got the agreement finalized for another co-write
- talked to my producer, DS, about my proposed CD

Been going to bed by 11/11:30, getting up 3 hours before I have to work, and using that time to write lyrics, do chores, eat breakfast, be, etc. I'm trying to catch a 15 to 20 min cat-nap in the afternoon. I think the new routine is working cause I feel more energized, finished writing one lyric - and posted it for review - and have another one started. I haven't been writing much music cause I need to concentrate on the voice CD for now.

I have one of my students preparing to demo one of my songs in a couple weeks, another is coming this Sat to jam on a song, he's going to lay down some guitar tracks for it. I'm also working with 'the collaborators' on a song by Morris Rainville -- and in return for my work on the song I'll be able to submit a song for joint production. With that, and the discussion with DS re my CD, I feel encouraged by the possibilities of getting songwriting demos done & putting together a 5 or 6 song CD to market.

After I get the voice CD done, I need to work on my little folk-song CD that I plan to sell at my gallery in the summer. Have to also work on jewelry & art cards, get supplies, sort out what I'm taking.

In any case, it is now my bedtime, so I will write again tomorrow. Don't know if anyone is reading this... if you are I hope it's somewhat interesting :)

first day of the rest of my life

hey well, do you notice the time? That's right, 8:30 A.M. I'm serious about trying to change my habits, get off this computer sooner at night, and go to bed no later than 11, get up around 7:30 or 8. There's nothing on line that can't be done in the morning instead of the evening (mind you, right now the sun shines right in on my monitor). Solution - move it.

I do like recording at night because it tends to be pretty quiet around here, less traffic, no float planes taking off, etc. But still, gotta hit the hay earlier.

How did I do on my To-Do? Pretty good actually. I had to push myself 'through the middle' - like they say when you're writing a book.

- work for my coaching client - DONE
- work for my 'redesign'/interior design client - DONE
- update my teaching schedule & send out my weekly email - DONE
- prep a contract/letter to Philos re our collaboration - DONE
- lay down scratch F vocals for a duo collaboration - DONE
- begin recording my 'practice CD' for singers - BEGUN
- begin set-up/run off my art cards - BEGUN (look great)
- contact Sunshine Coast arts re advertisting - DONE

Mon To-Do's:
- mail the letter to Philos (don't carry it around for a week)
- do another segment on the 'practice CD' for singers
- fix necklace & earrings
- go for a walk
- tidy up the kitchen
- teach 5 students
- jam with E on the electric guitar, maybe lay down some tracks for the new version of 'Wilted Heart'

General To-Do's
- call my co-writer & pro producer, DS
- do a final mix of the song I recorded for one of my students by Tue aft
- need to complete the 'practice CD' for singers by Wed & run off some copies with labels
- do a final mix of 'Dreaming Love: a Tapestry' and post it on-line
- also need to do some paperwork for Socan & my record label
- get a few groceries & pay the rest of the bills
- shop for supplies for the summer, and household storage cabinet
- download some software & try it out
- start writing my next newsletter

Where I say 'final mix', that's just me going in and feeling that everything balances well, and then rendering it to wav. I'm a songwriter, not a producer, just do the best I can. But I've been told that it's okay if your demo is 'home mastered'.

Before I begin teaching today I need to finish tidying the house, have breakfast, pop to the shop for milk & to mail that letter, and go for a walk. I said to myself yesterday, 'Who is Vikki Flawith?' Answer: Vikki Flawith goes for a walk everyday, takes her vitamins, eats healthy. Vikki Flawith goes to bed at a reasonable time, gets up early & writes. She sits on the balcony with tea, just being - because she's created the time for that. Vikki Flawith eats salad for breakfast and breakfast for supper (and sometimes even eats dessert first). Vikki Flawith completes her obligations in a timely and professional manner -- and then jumps in the deep end of the 'creating and being and singing music' pool. The time she spends 'walking and being' supports the creative flow & energy she puts into her music. Vikki Flawith is a indie musician whose work is being noticed. And all Vikki Flawith really wants to be able to share her perspective of the world through the art form known as music... and have it be positively received.

tough week

Hi... you know how it is, you go away for a few days... and then spend the next week working overtime to catch up... that's what the last week has felt like. I have tomorrow 'off' teaching, but now have to catch up on other work that needs doing. No rest for the weary.

Only songwriting news I have today is that I got two more 'returns' from Taxi (this listing was for female vocalist - go figure); I'm gonna be doing a duet with Morris Rainville on a song the Collaborators are doing - very pleased about that, cool song too; sang a couple of songs last night for the Songwriter's Circle, both well-received (I'm Gonna Survive - a co-write with MK, and the new Wilted Heart [not posted yet, recording next week]. Also have one of my students working on learning one of my songs... she's got one of those beautiful clear Celtic voices, I think it would suit the song well so I've asked her to record it for me.

This weekend (comprising Fri - Sun) I have to:
- complete work for my coaching client
- complete editing & meet with another client
- update my teaching schedule & send out my weekly update
- have tea with my Mom Fri aft
- have coffee with friends Sat am
- work on a practice CD for next week's workhop participants (I've been asked to lead a vocal w/s for participants in a charity event, who will be singing karaoke style over music & dressing up like the star whose music they are singing)
- complete mixing of Dreaming Love - A Tapestry, a collab & mail him a letter
- complete mixing of a song I recorded for one of my students
- do some shopping for supplies (maybe next weekend instead)
- fix a choker & necklace one of my students is buying, maybe make a few more
- call my friend in Vanc & my friend in Ucluelet to catch up
- talk to my sis about our travel/gallery plans
- clean up the house (always last on the list)

There's probably a few other things but that's all I can think of right now. Better get to bed now, I gotta get up early and get started.