so far so good

Well, slowly getting through my to-do list

- I now have 5 or 6 tracks recorded for my 'exercises for beginning singers' CD, sounds pretty good. All it is is me talking as though I'm in the room giving a lesson, demonstrating, explaining, and then asking the listener to sing with me.
- mailed the letter to Philos
- taught all my students
- went for a walk
- got the agreement finalized for another co-write
- talked to my producer, DS, about my proposed CD

Been going to bed by 11/11:30, getting up 3 hours before I have to work, and using that time to write lyrics, do chores, eat breakfast, be, etc. I'm trying to catch a 15 to 20 min cat-nap in the afternoon. I think the new routine is working cause I feel more energized, finished writing one lyric - and posted it for review - and have another one started. I haven't been writing much music cause I need to concentrate on the voice CD for now.

I have one of my students preparing to demo one of my songs in a couple weeks, another is coming this Sat to jam on a song, he's going to lay down some guitar tracks for it. I'm also working with 'the collaborators' on a song by Morris Rainville -- and in return for my work on the song I'll be able to submit a song for joint production. With that, and the discussion with DS re my CD, I feel encouraged by the possibilities of getting songwriting demos done & putting together a 5 or 6 song CD to market.

After I get the voice CD done, I need to work on my little folk-song CD that I plan to sell at my gallery in the summer. Have to also work on jewelry & art cards, get supplies, sort out what I'm taking.

In any case, it is now my bedtime, so I will write again tomorrow. Don't know if anyone is reading this... if you are I hope it's somewhat interesting :)

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