feelin very proud

Been a busy few days, I made several sets of jewelry to sell in my summer gallery (chokers & matching earrings), and I worked on getting my folk CD organized, designed an ezine for my producer, jammed with the guitarist who's gonna be laying down some live tracks for a remix of Wilted Heart - and he lent me an electric guitar, so I've been sitting around playing scales & songs on that, and I also had to lay down my part in a duet I participated in creating for 'the collaborators'. 'Time Machine will be posted on Soundclick soon, I think.

After listening to the folk-pop songs I planned to put in my little home-made CD, I felt that Still I Dream of You needed some work. So I made a MIDI file, created some piano fillers, worked on it all in Tracktion2, laid down the lead vocals, mixed it... gosh I think it sounds great!! Slowly I am getting the hang of this MiDi/filter thing. I'm uploading it to Soundclick right now. I'm not sure if it needs any vocal harmony... they say just lead vocals & reasonably good instruments is enough for a demo. I'll ask and see what folks say. I'm going to make it my main page song.

Next I need to work on a new song I'm recording with another singer this Friday. She's got that clear Celtic purity that I think would fit the song. I need to get the backup instruments working well so she can sing over them. Besides that, I've been penning lyrics as they come to me... teaching... doing my usual web activities. what's that? housework? me?

I have two weekends left before I go to Savary, so I have a lot to do. But this Thursday night I'm gonna see Tom Jones, live!!! Yeah!!

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