tough week

Hi... you know how it is, you go away for a few days... and then spend the next week working overtime to catch up... that's what the last week has felt like. I have tomorrow 'off' teaching, but now have to catch up on other work that needs doing. No rest for the weary.

Only songwriting news I have today is that I got two more 'returns' from Taxi (this listing was for female vocalist - go figure); I'm gonna be doing a duet with Morris Rainville on a song the Collaborators are doing - very pleased about that, cool song too; sang a couple of songs last night for the Songwriter's Circle, both well-received (I'm Gonna Survive - a co-write with MK, and the new Wilted Heart [not posted yet, recording next week]. Also have one of my students working on learning one of my songs... she's got one of those beautiful clear Celtic voices, I think it would suit the song well so I've asked her to record it for me.

This weekend (comprising Fri - Sun) I have to:
- complete work for my coaching client
- complete editing & meet with another client
- update my teaching schedule & send out my weekly update
- have tea with my Mom Fri aft
- have coffee with friends Sat am
- work on a practice CD for next week's workhop participants (I've been asked to lead a vocal w/s for participants in a charity event, who will be singing karaoke style over music & dressing up like the star whose music they are singing)
- complete mixing of Dreaming Love - A Tapestry, a collab & mail him a letter
- complete mixing of a song I recorded for one of my students
- do some shopping for supplies (maybe next weekend instead)
- fix a choker & necklace one of my students is buying, maybe make a few more
- call my friend in Vanc & my friend in Ucluelet to catch up
- talk to my sis about our travel/gallery plans
- clean up the house (always last on the list)

There's probably a few other things but that's all I can think of right now. Better get to bed now, I gotta get up early and get started.


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