where was I?

Sorry, a bit lax in keeping up with this. I did lay down that new song & posted it on Soundclick, it made #16 on the alternative country charts on its first day. A lot of controversy over the lyrics, some say they are too literary & some say they are too cliche... but everyone seems to dig the tune. At least I got part of it right.

Feel rather scattered right now. I do have another lyric I am working to set to music but the chorus has not arrived in my brain yet.

I completed my collab with Philos to his satisfaction, I still need to work on mixing it I think. I'm not too good with that. I did spend this evening just fooling around with a new vocal tapestry in Tracktion, experimenting with different effects; plus I recorded one of my students earlier today and hope that I can at least make it sound somewhat good.

Also still working on revising lyrics for a collab with an LA musican.

Watched Dr Phil earlier this week and am determined to keep going with my new life style... and hopefully lose a couple of dress sizes before going to Hollywood in November.

Have some catch up work to do tomorrow, organize my desk, get some groceries & things like that in prep for the week. Also need to pay rent & bills!

Been very hot here, still feel hot now at 12:30 am !!

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