busy weekend

Hi there. After being sick most of last week (and feeling pretty grumpy & lethargic with it), I managed to get myself ready for an audition yesterday. Met with my coach Friday, worked on the pieces, stayed up too late (so what else is new), got up & got ready, went and sang, then ran some errands. They said "great, thanks for coming in, we'll be in touch soon" in case you're curious. Bar is pretty high so I don't expect much. Then I had to get ready for my photo shoot today, this was for photos for my press kit / CD cover, et al. Really like the photographer... it's black & white and I'll get to see the contact sheets later this week... but I did get to see the digital colour photos he took - wow, is that me? Looks like a movie star!

Also managed, in amongs all that, to work on a new song - this one uptempo, believe it or not - am loading a short sample up to soundclick at this moment, if you are curious, it's 'Dance Away my Sorrow'.

Let's see, also went to bank, got groceries, did laundry... made a necklace (yeah I'm doin' jewelry now), took it apart, and made a choker instead, looks nice. Also watched a little tv - I rented 'Finding Neverland' lovely movie, reminds us how important a spirit of play is to having a joyful life.

Got two collabs going at the moment and two waiting in the wings... and going away for a few days over the Victoria Day long weekend (how nice of them to name it after me, LOL) to my Dad's, so while I will be scribbling lyrics and picking melodies out on the keyboard up there... I probably won't be able to post. But I will try to drop in and let you know my progress before I leave.

Talk to ya... gotta (famous last words) go to bed!!

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