hey, got thru another day...

let's see, what did I get up to today? Taught several students, voted (it was a provincial election), picked up a few groceries & did my walk at the same time, went to the bank to get some cash for the upcoming trip, did about 3 remixes of my new song, decided to go for #2. It's generated some interest - got quite a few listens today, people seem to like it.

Started work on another one.... but just realized I've called it 'Believe' - and Cher has a song with that title. Sigh. Now I will have to rethink.

Got to organize taking my music with me for the weekend... have some rewrites / projects to work on and I'll have all day on the bus & ferry both there and back to do some work on that.

Best go to bed or I will be dragging my tail tomorrow!!

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