tryin to be efficient

let's see, today I...

- put together a "one-sheet" for my press kit;
- devised a letterhead & cover letter;
- created a CD label for my demo using one of my paintings as artwork;
- sent all this in a package to a NY film co.

- put in a name search request for the name of my music publishing co... if it clears I'll register it with the corporate registry.

- recorded the revised lyrics for 'She Was Always There', and am uploading the new file to SC as we speak;
- listened to 'Dreaming Love' again... I'm doin a collab with a European musican & need to finish it, but seem to have run out of ideas at the moment;
- looked at the music for another mid-tempo song I'm writing with MK;
- listened to my new country song, still need to work on the ending;
- looked over my list of leads and tried to zero in on what submissions I plan to make in the next few days.

- did a couple of hours of "VA" work... VA = virtual secretary... I do admin / design work for folks in Toronto & down in CA.

- taught 4 students.

- talked to a couple of folks on the phone.

- went for a walk, went to the bank, picked up some groceries.

- checked & posted to a few threads on the Taxi & IJ boards.

- updated my blog!

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