first day of the rest of my life

hey well, do you notice the time? That's right, 8:30 A.M. I'm serious about trying to change my habits, get off this computer sooner at night, and go to bed no later than 11, get up around 7:30 or 8. There's nothing on line that can't be done in the morning instead of the evening (mind you, right now the sun shines right in on my monitor). Solution - move it.

I do like recording at night because it tends to be pretty quiet around here, less traffic, no float planes taking off, etc. But still, gotta hit the hay earlier.

How did I do on my To-Do? Pretty good actually. I had to push myself 'through the middle' - like they say when you're writing a book.

- work for my coaching client - DONE
- work for my 'redesign'/interior design client - DONE
- update my teaching schedule & send out my weekly email - DONE
- prep a contract/letter to Philos re our collaboration - DONE
- lay down scratch F vocals for a duo collaboration - DONE
- begin recording my 'practice CD' for singers - BEGUN
- begin set-up/run off my art cards - BEGUN (look great)
- contact Sunshine Coast arts re advertisting - DONE

Mon To-Do's:
- mail the letter to Philos (don't carry it around for a week)
- do another segment on the 'practice CD' for singers
- fix necklace & earrings
- go for a walk
- tidy up the kitchen
- teach 5 students
- jam with E on the electric guitar, maybe lay down some tracks for the new version of 'Wilted Heart'

General To-Do's
- call my co-writer & pro producer, DS
- do a final mix of the song I recorded for one of my students by Tue aft
- need to complete the 'practice CD' for singers by Wed & run off some copies with labels
- do a final mix of 'Dreaming Love: a Tapestry' and post it on-line
- also need to do some paperwork for Socan & my record label
- get a few groceries & pay the rest of the bills
- shop for supplies for the summer, and household storage cabinet
- download some software & try it out
- start writing my next newsletter

Where I say 'final mix', that's just me going in and feeling that everything balances well, and then rendering it to wav. I'm a songwriter, not a producer, just do the best I can. But I've been told that it's okay if your demo is 'home mastered'.

Before I begin teaching today I need to finish tidying the house, have breakfast, pop to the shop for milk & to mail that letter, and go for a walk. I said to myself yesterday, 'Who is Vikki Flawith?' Answer: Vikki Flawith goes for a walk everyday, takes her vitamins, eats healthy. Vikki Flawith goes to bed at a reasonable time, gets up early & writes. She sits on the balcony with tea, just being - because she's created the time for that. Vikki Flawith eats salad for breakfast and breakfast for supper (and sometimes even eats dessert first). Vikki Flawith completes her obligations in a timely and professional manner -- and then jumps in the deep end of the 'creating and being and singing music' pool. The time she spends 'walking and being' supports the creative flow & energy she puts into her music. Vikki Flawith is a indie musician whose work is being noticed. And all Vikki Flawith really wants to be able to share her perspective of the world through the art form known as music... and have it be positively received.

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