I'm shimmering with energy

I've just spent my week working on several exciting and time-consuming music projects....
- completed the final mix of Dreaming Love - a Tapestry; we've had some nice feedback so far;
- wrote & produced a piece of electronica I called Trippin in C - used electric guitar & keyboard + a little midi;
- sketched out the background for Lilac & Lavender, recorded the demo, now working on mixing & fleshing out;
- volunteered to produce the current project for The Collaborators, mixing the tracks, adding some background vocals & a bit of a bass piano line - took me most of Sat night & today;
- made a songlink submission;
- made 2 industry resource submissions;
- taught my students;
- took my mom out for her birthday;
- went shopping with my sister for art supplies, etc, for our month away running our little summer studio/gallery;
- met with one of the artists providing some work for the gallery;
- even did a tiny wee bit of housework.

Work up (after staying up half the night to work on The Collaborators project) to find out my song, Still I Dream of You, has made #1 on the Soundclick 'subgenre' pop/AAA charts -- and is #6 in pop overall! I'm very proud - I produced it myself using Tracktion2, some midi, some eyboard, electric guitar, etc. As I said to a few folks, I know that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but this song is very meaningful to me & I really feel honoured that other folks like it too.

Got a big week ahead, gotta get to bed early!
Later.... :-)

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