oh dear, it's been waaaayyyy too long

hey.... well... here I am.... Not that I expect very many folks are actually reading this, but I did intend to keep it up. I was out of town from June 30th until the August civic holiday, so I think I had some excuse! Plus I had so much to do before I left I was totally overwhelmed.

Since I got back I have:
- discussed with MJK, my songwriting partner, what songs to prepare for our songwriter's demo CD;

- did a back-up vocal on a Collaborator's project -- check them out at http://www.soundclick.com/thecollaborators;

- worked on a new demo of my song, 'Wilted Heart', which was number one in the country-pop genre for many weeks last spring... I've got a friend laying down a live guitar track, and I've revised the lyric a little and improved the melody... we had a practice session Saturday, and will try to do a couple of takes later this week;

- did a mix of "Still I Dream of You". Once of my new internet collaborator friends did a live drum track for this demo in June, and I have another friend who is doing a bass track and a guitar track. I downloaded his tracks & did a mix with the live drums and bass -- it's posted on Soundclick right now. We're working on the guitar part, that will probably be added in a week or two... you can check out the current version at http://www.soundclick.com/vikkiflawith ;

- put together an application package for 'The Opportunity of a Lifetime', which I was fortunate enough to hear about and be able to enter since I had the demo of "Still I Dream of You" together already, plus I'd had my professional photo taken in June, and also have one-sheets ready to go in my marketing file. What it is a search for a British Columbia (Canada) singer... you send in one song (doesn't have to be original), etc., and if they like you, you audition in person in Vancouver later this month... and if you make it, you'd be one of 3 people who'd go to California to audition for David Foster in person. The winner of the contest gets to perform live with Josh Groban & other singers at a big concert in Vancouver on the Labour Day weekend. Don't think I have much of a chance, but, you know me, I like to put it out there and see what happens;

- went to a potluck meeting of my songwriter's circle last night, very enjoyable evening, shared a couple of my newer lyrics with them as I haven't done much writing this summer;

- worked on an internet collab today... did an arrangement, lead & harmony vocals for a couple of writers I met on Irene's songwriting board;

- also had a listen to Volker Zdunnek's music to see if there's another song of his I feel inspired to collaborate on sometime in the next few weeks;

- started to think about and do some research into travel options re going to LA / Hollywood in November for the Taxi Road Rally; I need to get my passport renewed too, just in case I have to go to California to meet David Foster... hee hee;

- have several new prospective students making enquiries about taking lessons this Fall.

Among all this I met with my coaching client, taught my students, had lunch & dinner with my mom, touched base with my friends by email and phone.... and I'm afraid to say I haven't unpacked too much yet!!!

That's it for now!!! Look, it's not even 10 pm! ~ V

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lex luthor said...

you are beautiful, can i be your boyfriend?