what have I been up to....


- posting on the usual songwriting boards :D
- working on a VLF/MJK collaboration with The Collaborators
- working on a spooky electronica instrumental piece
- exercising
- making arrangments for my trip to LA
- teaching
- working on a collab with KH, my vocals for his song
- playing the electric guitar - not well :(
- talking about organizing my bedroom closet
- working on a a VLF/MJK rewrite or two
- helping my old vocal coach with a website
- generally trying to keep up with the housework
- organizing my passport application... where did I put that birth certificate???!!!
- procrastinating
- mulling over ideas for a couple of songs a la Gretchen Wilson
- trying to figure out where I put my guitar music... I had a whole pile I played at gigs, can't find it!
- staying up too late working on music
2 am --- :D :D
9 am -- :( :(
- where's the coffee?

gotta go finish this instrumental piece...

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