swimmin' thru mud


Q: why is it sometimes, with the best will in the world, it feels like you're swimmin' thru mud?

A: perhaps if I didn't stay up til early in the mornin' I'd have a brain the next day

- not a lot to report at this moment in time, 'cept I got a meetin' with Michael, my co-writer, tomorrow morning - we're gonna talk about marketing our CD; and I have a rehearsal with my trio tomorrow night in prep for an appearance on Friday.

- been working on some new age ambient instrumentals, let you know when I've got something together

- my to-do list hasn't got any shorter :)

- I hurt my ankle somehow on the weekend -- too much walking? -- anyway, it's swollen & I can't wear a shoe without feelin' discomfort. I'm alternating heat & ice... and I just can't do any housework like this :( (oh, yah!)... wah wah violins play.

Oh, hey, I 'opened' for Nonie Crete on Friday night - went very well!

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