it's hard to catch up when nothing will willingly finish!

Yeah, well, I know I haven't posted a blog for a while. I was sticking to my list, determined to finish some of these projects -- but they just keep coming back for more! I don't know how many times I've said, okay, THAT'S DONE!! Whoo hooo!!! Only to find out... the timing's off there, can you redo it & upload? I need your vocals on 4 different tracks, can you redo & upload? That bass track isn't working, what shall we do? The link to your track is broken, can you reload it? Or, even worse -- tryin' to upload and getting error messages, over and over again, just when you want to get it finished and move on!!

ha ha hee hee, that's my little rant for today. I suppose things are moving along, albeit SLOWLY.

Okay, where are we .... well, remember I said I was NOT going to take on any new projects until the old ones were caught up... hee hee hee, ya, right. The day I said that, I took on another one, and the day after, two more. Call me crazy. I'm just a girl who can't say no to interesting musical ideas :)

Now, where did I put my list?

If Wishes Could be Granted (Richard Larabie) - the demo of this co-write is getting good reviews -

This Sinking Ship (Arie Boom) - in progress, gotta redo the vocals

Tired Eyes (Billie Spencer) - demo in progress!

I May have Started it (Cliff Hitchcock & the Collaborators) - DONE - check it out:

The Cat with the Strat (Joe Wrabek & the Collaborators) - DONE - check it out:

In That Moment (Errol Chugg) - lead vocals complete

Time (Noel Downs) - back-up vox complete

Mutual No Society (Boomboom) - lead F vocals complete

I Could Dream (Lucian Blaga & Dean Taylor) - lead vocals complete - the demo just got forwarded to a publisher, too!

Long Distance Love (David Van Camp) - promise to add more back-up vox to his song

Trying to Get Over You (Richard Batt) - must check in with Richard

One Tear at a Time (Bob Lazzar-Atwood) - workin' on guitar part for this

Send an Angel (Billie Spencer) - waiting for demo

CombOver Romeo (Richard Larabie, Gregg Jansen, Marvin Perkins) - gotta work on demo

Rolled the Dice, Paid the Price (Richard Larabie), need to redo some of the music

Why Keep Him (Richard Larabie), rough demo up -

Can We Start Again (Lloyd Kirk) - gotta work on demo

Gravity (Dean Taylor) - gotta work on demo

Scent of Your Betrayal (Rebecca Peaden) - need to get some pro feedback on demo

On Open Wings (Richard Larabie & Marvin Perkins) - gotta work on demo

Lying (Matt Hirt) - Matt's workin' on demo!

Big Boots (Michael Kavanagh) - I'm workin' on music

Still Ain't Rich (Lloyd Kirk) - we're hashing over lyrics

Also possible duet collab with Michael Shane.

Finally, the final proof of the final master of the CD is on its way to me tonight -- I sure hope this is it!!!

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