a songwriter's work is never done :)

Just spent the evening revising my one of my newer country ballads... laid down rough guitar tracks and a main vocal just to see how it feels. It has potential, needs a lot more work - like most of my stuff!

I was glad to get that children's song submitted on time. There's 3 or 4 opportunities with deadlines next week that I want to make sure I meet... so I figured I better start now.

I was thinking today that I'm waiting to hear on a bunch of things I just put out there to see what would happen: two entries to the Tipperary International Song of Peace contest, an entry for a scholarship to the Kauai Songwriters Festival, 3 Taxi submissions, my producer has two songs he's finishing off for me... a film audition I did Sunday (don't think I got it, I was pretty bad - out of practice)... also waiting to hear from John Braheny - he's critiquing a couple of songs for me... I do like to keep myself busy!

Anyway, it is now time to hit the sack, I think.

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