rewriting = morphing

Been struggling with 'my sweet boy' since I got home around 5:30 tonight. I rewrote most of the lyrics and worked on the verse melody. It sounds much nicer. I laid down a draft vocal track - I have to redo it to make it solid - but just so I could hear what it sounds like. I'm loading it to Soundclick right now... I wasn't happy with what I'd posted yesterday. And, it's got a new name (for now anyway): 'Forever More'. Ya, a bit of a cliche... but I got to thinking today... in songwriting, what isn't cliche? LOL.

Got some nice feedback on my two vocal tapestries + Wilted Heart. I am working on another vocal tapestry... but gotta get that children's song completed first. And need to work on the harmony part for the recording session I'm doing Sunday.

I'm going to take the rest of the night off and go to bed by midnight -- no 3 am's this night!!!! LOL

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