age and work

Hmmm, interesting title that. I felt a little bummed out reading an article on Broadjam... the guy basically said, 'if you're over 35, forget about being an artist yourself, just pitch your stuff to the music industry - make artist pitches & try to get your music into film & tv.' Now, that's what I'm doing, but you know, it just really bugs me that the first 15 years of adulthood are considered to be the most important. You mean that 35 - 50, and 50 - 65, are to be considered wastelands? You mean that someone who is 25 won't listen to the music of a 50 year old? Then why are Tom Jones & Cher & countless other artists popular? Do we really think that people over 40 - with all that disposible income, want to listen to Britney Spears? Or do they want music with substance from someone who's lived a life? Just some retorical questions...

Just finished a new vocal tapestry, I've uploaded it to Mixposure & and currently uploading to Soundclick. Next I will do 'Artist's Launch'. Yes, believe it or not, I am now on 3 different sites. Just trying to get my stuff out into the public ear... :-)

Am working on a new ballad, I've got the lyric & I've laid the musical tracks, will try putting the vocals on it after I've had some SLEEP.... as usual it's 4 am... gotta stop having coffee after dinner... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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