rewrite rewrite rewrite

Actually, it should be 'remix, remix, remix'. I just spent several hours going over Wilted Heart. I think my fancy (cheap) recording software has latency issues. Now that I am aware of them, I went back to this song and corrected it... the vocals had lagged behind the percussion, not because I didn't sing in time, either. I cleaned that up, and then went through the harmony track and made sure that was in time too. Then I did several mix-downs, trying to get the instruments to feel 'full' without drowning out the lead vocal. After several tries, I think I have something fairly good - I'm uploading it to soundclick as I write this (I like to multi-task).

I also completed remix of my second vocal tapestry 'Let Me Fly'. I thought it was done yesterday and I'd uploaded it to Broadjam for submission to a Taxi listing... but then I listened to it today and decided it wasn't completed. I added some more texture, I think it's much hotter now (if I do say so myself).

I also listened to the children's song I laid down yesterday... it's funny how a few hours gives you perspective... I'm not satisfied with it either... there seems to be a long pause in the vocal line between the end of the first verse and the chorus... how that got in there I am not sure... I will have to go back to the beginning and start from scratch to fix that. Oh well.

I also started a new vocal tapestry... as a possible backing for a spoken word piece. Just an idea.

And I worked for a few hours on the things that actually earn me money at the moment. That was my day! I'm off to bed now... too late, as always.

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