works in progress

Spent this evening hatching up more ideas for my newest vocal tapestry... which I think is going to end up being named something like 'Witches'. It's cool & spooky sounding.

Also worked for awhile on my new country song... got the lyrics but still working on melody & chord progression. Got some decent work done on it.

Joined up with something called MusicLeague, where songs play against each other and earn points. Every play gets me credit on ArtistLaunch, I understand. I was also invited to enter my Alien vocal tapestry into Compo10, where 10 songs are enteried and then ranked. I thought it was cool I was invited to participate. I have to listen to and rank the other 9 entries. Wish me luck!

Now I am off to bed, too late as usual, but as am now officially on hols, who cares LOL

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