ack, et al

Feel frustrated because Soundclick has been down for more than 12 hours!! Hope we all get a credit on our monthly fee.

Spent a couple hours working on a couple of pieces of music - a new ballad, which may be too slow & needs some tightening up, but I think (hope) will be quite beautiful. I am a balladeer - sometimes I think I should push myself to write something uptempo... but it doesn't come as easy (not that the ballads are easy). The other piece is an instrumental, which I think is pretty good, between guitar & flute. It may be too long as well.

Well, I am off to bed, since I can't listen to any music on Soundclick, which has become a nightly ritual of exploration into what other people are writing & producing :(

At the moment I feel like I couldn't write anything else to save my life... but perhaps I just need a day off from music. Hmmmm, I will try that and see how successful I am.

off to bed

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