one down, two to go... or maybe four...:)

Okay, well... I went back and listened to the country ballad I worked on yesterday and so proudly uploaded to Broadjam... and realized there was some uneveness in the production (harmony track very faint in first chorus)... so I spent an hour listening to it and adjusting the levels - it's much much better now. And I upload it as I write this.

I've got two other ballad-type country-pop songs, I was going to just get one ready but I figure I've got the time now... I will work on getting both of those ready to submit as well... deadline's not til the 14th... so I'll aim to be uploading one or both of them by the 12th.

I also worked today on adjusting a uptempo fun country rock song that I wrote with MK, my songwriting partner. I needed to work on straightening the verses out and having more repetition in the music. I've got the arrangement and melody worked out, now just need to work on organizing the lyrics to fit the music. I've even worked out some harmony for it. I spoke to our male demo singer(DA) today, and plan to get him out a week Sat to lay down a rough for us.

I also have on my desk a ballad that MK and I are working on... we've got the lyrical ideas, I've just got to work on the setting and the meter of the verse. Be great if I could get both the MK-VF songs done and get DA to lay the lead vocal tracks down for both of them when he comes out.

I plan to spend any free time on the weekend working on these 4 songs & getting them ready to demo...

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