space motif

Today I spent about... 7 or 8 hours working on a 'full length' vocal tapestry I call "Alien". I call it full length because it's just over 3 minutes long, and the others I have worked on were all 1 min 30 secs. I wanted to see if I could create 'movements' like you would have in a symphony. I think I achieved that. I've uploaded it to Soundclick & Artist's Launch, and am now doing Broadjam.

I'm also up on Mixposure, but have discovered that everything on that site is hi-fi, which makes that site less user friendly for me... I'd love to review other people's music as they want you to do, but I'm not willing to sit & wait 1/2 hour for one song to download so I can listen to it.

The other piece I worked on today for quite a while is my new country mid-tempo ballad. I've come to the conclusion that, while some of what I have works, I need to look at creating a different setting because the words are getting lost.

Also managed to do a little housework & get organized for tomorrow (Monday), and talk to a couple of friends on the phone. So I guess I achieved a little!!

Hmmm... wonder if I will enforce that 'midnight - light's out - time for bed' promise I made myself. I've got 8 minutes :-)

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