reworked & uploaded

This evening I worked on 'Forever More' (formerly 'My Sweet Boy') and am now uploading it to Soundclick. I added what I think is some neat harmonies... I'll ask for some feedback and see what folks have to say. I think it's ready to submit to Taxi, so I'll probably do that once it's activated, there's a listing that would likely work for it.

I also worked adding another guitar track & balancing the vocals & harmony in 'Wilted Heart', I think it's a bit better than it was. I'll have to upload it as well.

I started brainstorming the lyrics for a possible new song, too.

Tomorrow I need to do some catch up around the house and with my client's work... and then I'm heading out to the recording studio to add some harmony to the ballad that MK & I recorded last week. We need broadcast quality for this one.

I did get out in the sun today, took a nice long walk - it's amazing to see all the blossoms and flowers out this early - was quite warm out today. I think our southern West Coast 'pre-spring' season has turned into spring!

I'm sure grateful to see that quite a few people have stopped by my soundclick page & had a listen to my music - almost 100 in one day! It's pretty amazing... before the advent of the internet, it would have been pretty impossible for an indie artist to have over 1200 people listen to their music in one month.

Now, I should get off to bed :)

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