recorded a folk song tonight

Spent this evening laying down tracks & vocals for a folk song I wrote with a friend a few years ago. Decided it will be one of the cuts I'm going to have on my first CD. Yes, you heard it here first... Vikki's going to produce a folk CD with all original songs inspired by the islands on the West Coast of Canada.

Was going to post this first cut on Soundclick, but Soundclick is, as it is WAY TOO OFTEN, down AGAIN. I actually sent them an email on the weekend to complain about how often they are down. They replied, but I still think that those of us who are paying (including advertisers) could do with a service that isn't down everyday or every second day. Now that I said that... I just checked & they're back up. Okay. I'll go post the song.

I also have a couple songs I'm working on with my songwriting partner MK, I will have to work on them this weekend & get some rough cuts happening. I also have a possible collab with an LA producer... I'm excited about that.

Next week I'm heading to a Songwriter's Circle that a couple of folks I know are trying to get started... hope it works out well, be nice to have an in-person forum for sharing drafts of what I'm working on.

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