hmmm, my first internet collab in the works

Suddenly this past week I had four offers for collaborations with different folks. Worked on one of them tonight, an 'avant rock' song, very interesting music, almost medieval or Gregorian, it feels to me. I recorded the vocals using my new mic, I think there's a definate improvement in the quality I can achieve. Have a list of things to get for my "studio" - I have to budget myself and maybe pick up one thing a month.

My next acquisitions will be:
- a set of headphones, which I can likely get this month
- a mixer & another mic chord. Then I'll be able to do live guitar & vocals.

I'm also thinking of either getting Traktion, or Cubase. I have to check prices, though. I really want to get to the place where I can write & record instrumentals as well as songs. Gotta figure out how to hook up my MIDI keyboard.

Finally, I will get another vocal mic, with different qualities.

I was told at the store that the mic I wanted to buy (which is very reasonably priced) was not good for vocals... even though it was recommended as 'the working man's mic' in a recording mag, good for instruments & vocals. After hearing my recording tonight, I say the guy was wrong. Mind you, there are more expensive mics & they have their place. But I don't like the hard sell.

I have soooo much music to work on, it's hard to know where to begin. I have at least two songs MK & I are developing, my songs for the CD I plan, these collabs... and things I need to get ready to submit to Taxi.

Had a session with my vocal coach on Friday, picked a couple of arias for an upcoming opera audition, one in English, one in Italian.

Tomorrow, being Sunday, I plan to do very little but have fun writing music all day. I'll let you know how I fare.

Time changes tonight, to daylight savings -- YEAH -- I LOVE daylight savings, and I wish they'd just stick with it all year round!

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