good first meeting

The little songwriter's circle people I know had been talking about for a couple months had its first meeting tonight, I thought it was very good. Got some good suggestions on one of my folk-pop songs, and stopped for tea with my co-writer on the way back... while we were sitting there we came up with the idea for a cool new song!

I'm just burning to work on music but it's already midnight, so I'm gonna make myself go to bed and allow that I will have to work on it later. I'm such a kid, never want to go to bed :-(

I'm going up to a place near Long Beach, on Vancouver Island, this weekend... but I'm taking my music & lyric file & some blank manuscript... cause I know there's a grand piano there. There's also a computer so I can check all the sites & update my blog on what I'm doing on my wet windy West Coast weekend.


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