new song in works

Well, a bit old, a bit new. I wrote, and recorded a rough cut, last year. But I spent tonight building an instrumental back for it, putting in some solo piano, and then recording the vocals. I'm uploading it to Soundclick right now... even though I still have more to do on 'I Still Dream of You', I'll also post it on Taxi & get some feedback. Bit of a cliche title, I guess. You can check it out at

I also tweaked the harmony on Bill's song and sent him an updated MP3, and emailed two other people who said they were interested in collaborating. I will wait for them to get back to me, if they don't, I'll move on.

Tomorrow I have to work on a song for MK & I, I've got a bridge to write, and lyrics to tweak.

That's about it for tonight...

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