bit the bullet!

Well last night I broke down and purchased Tracktion recording software, imported some MIDI tracks into it, sounded pretty good, rendered a wav file.... and the clip was just silence when I played it in my Windows Media Player. After much fiddling I finally called support - really wierd problem for them, hasn't come up before - naturally. We got it figured out eventually. Spent this evening downloading some free plug-ins, as it seems as though I need to assign plug-in filters to each track before rendering. I'm looking forward to playing around with it and seeing what kind of effects and instruments I can create with MIDI, etc.

My songwriting partner [MK] & I also joined Songlink International today. We figured we'd give it a try, since it was recommended to us by a pro songwriter.

I also have several collabs on the go at the moment.... I have to watch I don't take on too much at once as I also have my own music, plus that I create with MK, to work on as well. But I'm finding that working with others kind of takes the pressure off and can be a lot of fun. Plus I love to sing, so if I can sing other people's music - and they're happy with the result - that's a wonderful thing!

Gotta go make music!

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