worked diligently this evening

...spent about 4 hours or so laying down some tracks for my newest. Even threw in a late-night vocal just to hear what it sounds like. Need to do more, but just wanted to get a sense of where it's going. Got a couple more possible internet collabs comin' my way too. Fun stuff. Just gotta get the commercial stuff out there too -- there's more than one submission I want to make this week, gotta make sure I'm ready for that. My last studio recording of a personal work is finally ready, can't wait to hear it! Hope it's as good as I hope it is... LOL.

Also worked a little more on improvising around Volker's music... an internet collab I've been musing on for a bit. Starting to sound pretty cool, gotta clean up a couple of things and then might send him a sample to see what he thinks.

As usual, I'm up past midnight. Ah well, 'tis the weekend, eh? (That's Canadian for 'huh?')

I'll be writin' & composin' and recordin' up a storm this weekend. Will report throughout.

Chow for now, tho.

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